ENT Hearing Aid Services strives to provide the public with professional and accurate hearing testing and, when necessary, fit the hearing-impaired with appropriate, reliable hearing aids. All services will be provided in a caring and confidential atmosphere. Our goal will always be to maximize the communication abilities of our patients.

Services Offered

Hearing Testing

Basic and diagnostic hearing testing performed by licensed audiologists in sound booths.

Hearing Aid Evaluation

A one-on-one discussion with an audiologist regarding which hearing aids are most appropriate for your hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Sales and Services

This is a multi-line dispensing office. We work with manufacturers that we feel have quality products and a good reputation in the industry.

Hearing Aid Verification

Hearing aids are often fit using real-ear measurements. These measurements help to ensure that the hearing aids are set appropriately for an individual’s hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Accessories

We stock a generous supply of products which hearing aid users may need at one time or another, such as domes, hearing aid dryers, battery testers, cleaning supplies, etc.

Battery Sales

We carry a full line of hearing aid batteries in sizes most requested.

Custom Sound and Water Protection

The best protection for both sound and water is one you will wear. If it is comfortable you will probably use it.

Assistive Listening Devices

Some situations call for amplification through some device other than your hearing aids. We can provide you with information on TV listeners, bed shakers, amplified phones, etc.

Ear, Nose and Throat Physicians

There are 6 ENT Doctors at our clinic. They are available (by appointment) for medical treatment as needed.